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Google And The Rules May 16, 2011

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The guys over at Link-Assistant.com have started an interesting stream of posts analyzing user submitted sites in what they’re calling SEO Crash-Tests.

They decided to kick things off by analyzing Google.com, and the surprise piece of info that caught my eye was their HTML code validation, or lack thereof. Take a look at Google’s 35 errors and 2 warnings (as of today 5/16/2011) on the W3C validation site.

W3C HTML Validation Shows Errors on Google.com

In their defense, Google did follow many of their own recommendations by having basics like robots.txt and xml sitemaps. Can’t wait till Facebook steamrolls Google search with Facebook SocialSearch and Google struggles to get ranked, playing by FB’s rules.

Google Webmaster Tools New Features October 7, 2010

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Surprise! Google’s adding stuff to Webmaster Tools. Apparently they’ve discovered that we (SEO type people) have to find other tools and software to track changes and run the numbers on percentages and increases, etc., and would rather us spend our time in a Google product. I’m ok with that.

Google Webmaster Tools Updates

The updates involve tracking the change in amount of impressions and clicks and the change in rankings for each keyword and can be found in “Your Site on the Web” under Search Queries. It doesn’t replace my rank tracking software or some good digging in Google Analytics, but it definitely helps me see more information at a glance about each keyword. Thanks for the early Christmas present Google.

Google Instant Search + Blue Arrow October 1, 2010

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This morning, Danny Sullivan pointed out the new blue arrow in Google’s search results. At first I agreed that it was a little bit of an overkill addition to the already turbo-charged Instant Search update. But after using it in a few searches, the blue arrow kind of started to grow on me. It’s a nice function to not have to reach for my mouse to scroll. But the over-simplicity is starting to remind me of 2 things – parodies on over-simplification. (The 2nd is from teh Google themselves)

1. The Onion’s Apple Spoof – Announcing the Macbook Wheel

2. Google’s April Fools joke from 2000 – the MentalPlex

Personally – Instant Search is annoying and visually overwhelming. But I guess when Google’s only hindrance is us in speeding up search – whats left to do but annoy us into “faster” search behavior.

Instant Search – Impact on Google Local Maps SEO September 10, 2010

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With all the buzz about Google’s new Instant Search, I wanted to get an idea on paper (well, e-paper). I’ve been reading as many articles as I can get my hands on, trying to differentiate the panic and pandemonium from the insightful and helpful. Most of what I’ve found has been obvious observation. “Search has changed before, and it will change again. Those ready and able to change with it will continue to be successful SEO’s.” I’m mostly seeing downers and people thinking of this as more work.

But if you’ve been spending any time working on legitimate local listings in Google Places… (more…)

The City as a Chalkboard – There’s an App for That January 8, 2010

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BlockChalk is a new piece of fun for your phone that lets you “write” in chalk all over your city, town, neighborhood, favorite restaurant, etc. How will this affect search you might ask? It’ll only be a matter of time until Google (more…)

New Google Search Result Filtering Has Scent of Bing December 10, 2009

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Apparently Bing is doing something to intimidate Google. Today, while doing searches in different browsers, I ended up in Explorer (double checking some ranking discrepancies) and was served the results you see below –

Picture of New Google Search ResultsI almost thought my search bar in IE had directed me to a different Engine just based on how different the page felt. I quickly realized this was in fact a list of Google search results, but formatted slightly differently and providing different filtering options on the left… filtering options that appeared vaguely familiar… (more…)

New Google Sidewiki: Will it Stay or Will it Go? October 24, 2009

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Although I’m sure you’ve already heard by now the news about Google’s newest toolbar-gadget the Side-Wiki (even Bruce Clay briefly mentioned something about it), I thought I’d make a quick reference to a feature webmasters/site owners should get to first just in case people actually start using it.  As the site owner, you can post a note about your site that stays on top of all other notes.  An algorithm similar to Google’s current search algorithm will be used to rank the listing of the rest of the notes people post. Take advantage of your site ownership, and use this space to communicate the heart of your business. Make it a little more personal, as a note should be. This isn’t the place for sales pitches. I can almost guarantee that a sales pitch posted in the owner’s note will drive away some visitors. While your checking it out – post your impressions on the Side-Wiki of the HireAHelper local movers landing page.