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Small Business Development

Are you a business owner who spends the majority of your time managing and running your own company? Do you have a proven and successful business that cannot exist without you?

We provide in depth research supported by case studies of past companies showing that you do not have to micro-manage your company to be successful. If your goal is to get your company to the place where you can leave for 6 month – 1 year and come back finding it more successful, and still growing, then this service is for you. We provide the following:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you a small to medium sized business that has an online presence, but can’t seem to compete with the “big boys”? Do you have a good infrastructure that can handle many times your current sales volume?

SEO is one of the most talked about subjects in the world of internet retail. SEO consultation includes a down to earth strategy for your custom business including:

AdWords and other e-Marketing Strategies

Where are the sales? Have you tried internet marketing (adwords or other) and found the ROI to be negative?

There are tricks and secrets! Why do you think eBay and Amazon (along with thousands of other small businesses) spend hundreds of thousands a year in online advertising. Internet marketing can either make or break your business, most consultations regarding online marketing attempt to sell expensive services, We’ll break down your options (expensive and otherwise) and give you the knowledge to start your own online advertising, or get going with a professional company who suites your specialty. Consulting inculdes:

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