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SEMSunday posts a new “Sunday Seminar” ever Sunday, on SEM or SEO. The information is generally a aggregate of the best resources available via web and print. The idea is that if you don’t have time to read every blog and book listed in our sidebar on a daily basis, then your best bet is us.

If there is one resource you read online about SEM and SEO – SEMSunday aims to be it.

Zach Applegate

Zach Applegate - SEM/SEO Genius
Zachary Applegate is an avid technology lover with a passion for making a difference. He graduated from California Baptist University in 2006 with a degree in Information Systems Management and currently manages search and marketing at PlumberSurplus.com. PlumberSurplus.com is a leading internet retailer specializing in home improvement, plumbing and building products. By offering thousands of products covering a wide range of residential and commercial applications, PlumberSurplus.com provides customers with an easy, secure and customer friendly e-Commerce destination. Prior to directing search and marketing at PlumberSurplus.com Zachary spent time designing and implementing networks, managing several Information Technology departments and as a technology and internet consultant. His background has been instrumental in the technological advancement of the company and the management of SEO, SEM, database, marketplaces and traditional marketing strategies.

Disclaimer – This a personal blog, the views expressed on these pages are Zachary Applegate’s alone and not those of his employer.

Ryan Douglas

Ryan Douglas enjoys just about anything electronic, technology as a whole, and the outdoors. He enjoys working on cars, riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and at one time he competed nationally racing mountain bikes. He disassembled, then reassembled his first PC at age 8, and has since taken apart almost everything electronic or mechanical he has owned since, to successfully put back together in working order. Ryan recently graduated from California Baptist University with a degree in Business Administration and is looking to forward to pursuing an MBA. He has managed Paid Search Marketing for PlumberSurplus.com for two years, and while doing so has become quite familiar with large scale keyword advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter. Along with Paid Search, Ryan manages PlumberSurplus.com’s affiliate program and tens of thousands of products on several comparison shopping engines.

Disclaimer – This a personal blog, the views expressed on these pages are Ryan Douglas’ alone and not those of his employer.

Mike Glanz

Mike Glanz - HireAHelper Owner CEO
I’m a Southern California born tech geek and entrepreneur, I started this site as a way to share a wealth of information I’ve accumulated during my career as both a web developer and internet entrepreneur.

Software Development Background

I spent 4 years developing ASP.net web application with one of the best custom shops in SoCal, Lewis Technology. I worked on primarily internal projects interlaced with larger eCommerce clients such as ConcreteNetwork.com and PlumberSurplus.com.

My Ventures

www.YouGotComments.com was started as my first attempt to make billion using the WWW. Its a full featured software application that allows for users to check their MySpace.com messages from their desktop without the hassle of actually logging in to the site. The site was very successful for a while, however it became economically un-feasable to continue maintaining it with the development and success of my second venture. The domain and software are currently for sale, they might be of use to companies hoping to advertise to the MySpace generation, who have a little money to invest in future development and advertising.

www.HireAHelper.com is my attempt to revolutionize the eCommerce industry by introducing services as a valid commodity worth trading online. The site allows for homeowners to search for local day laborers in their area and hire them with a convenient web interface. It is a cheap and effective alternative to expensive day labor companies or hiring professionals.

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