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New Google Search Result Filtering Has Scent of Bing December 10, 2009

Posted by Daniel in Search Engines, SEO.

Apparently Bing is doing something to intimidate Google. Today, while doing searches in different browsers, I ended up in Explorer (double checking some ranking¬†discrepancies) and was served the results you see below –

Picture of New Google Search ResultsI almost thought my search bar in IE had directed me to a different Engine just based on how different the page felt. I quickly realized this was in fact a list of Google search results, but formatted slightly differently and providing different filtering options on the left… filtering options that appeared vaguely familiar…

Picture of of new Google ResultsOne of the things I’ve started to fall in love with about Bing as a search tool is it’s filtering options. Apparently our friends at Google thought they were pretty nifty too and is trying to catch up on the idea.

I tried the search in Firefox and Chrome and got no filter options and then tried searching again in IE and lost the filtering options, which leads me to believe that Google is testing this new option out before a complete roll out. ¬†Keep your eyes peeled – let me know if you’ve already seen this and I’m writing old news or if this is a new tweak to the Google “mastery” of search. And apparently they’ve been dedicating some of their uber resources to Global Good.



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