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WakeMate Technology Takes the Groggy Out of Your Morning November 24, 2009

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This morning, my alarm went off at 6:00 am, welcoming me to the reality of another work day. But this morning, I just couldn’t take it. My head was just too heavy. So I rolled over and reset my alarm to 6:30 am (which is when I leave by to get to work on time). Turns out I was only 10 minutes late to work, but the extra 30 minutes of sleep just made me want to stay in bed even longer.

Anyone out there relate with similar experiences? Enter WakeMate to the rescue! Launching today, the startup WakeMate manufactures a Bluetooth wristband that connects to your smartphone. Once you set your alarm, the wristband tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night.

Twenty minutes before your alarm goes off, the wristband will sense your lightest sleep moment and wake you up by setting off your phone’s alarm.

The wristband will send all the data about your sleep patterns to your phone and then to your WakeMate account where you can review your sleeping patterns and ideal amount of sleep.

Genius! I love it! I’m going to go buy one right now… Wait a minute. They’re  not out yet. The first pre-orders are being accepted and get $5 the $50 price tag. However, they don’t ship till January. Another cool feature – power nap and regular nap settings to help you get the most from your mid-day snooze.

Apparently ♫ the best part of waking up is WakeMate in your cup ♫ (…or on your wrist).

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