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Be Good At What You’re Good At October 31, 2009

Posted by Daniel in Blogging Advice, Search Engines, SEO, WebStuff.
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As I’m browsing around, trying to find some fresh and interesting tech blog articles or news, I decided to hit up the Google monster for the term “tech blogs”.  I know, I know.  The depth of my insight into search term extrapolation astonishes most people I bump into. But I just really wanted to see what Google thought was the most important tech blog.

Image of Gizmodo Search Results Subtext

This is where the comedy comes in – result number one (pictured above) is for Gizmodo, which makes sense. It’s a highly trafficked site with millions of backlinks, in all the right directories, providing fresh and interesting content all the time.  What made me pause and chuckle was the subtext below the Gizmodo result.

“Congratulations, %youAre% a star! %userName% starred %you% %time% %youHave% lost your star. %userName% took away %your% star %time% %userName% promoted …”

I checked out their title tag to see why Google didn’t just use that as their subtitle, and quickly realized it was because the title was massively too short (see image below):

Image of Gizmodo Meta Title Tag

Just a reminder that if Google doesn’t like your meta title tag for some reason, you might quickly be made to look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Even if you rank first for whatever term. Customers are becoming more selective, which means what we offer them has to be clear and exactly what they’re looking for. If it’s not, they’ll easily move on to search result number 2.

So anyways (I get so sidetracked), it was just funny to me that a company recognized as a fierce competitor in the tech info industry that posts information about the most modern gadgets, hadn’t spent any time evaluating some of their own technical details. Be good at what you’re good at.  If you’re going to establish yourself as a tech resource, make sure your code is clean and that you are well optimized.

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