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New Google Sidewiki: Will it Stay or Will it Go? October 24, 2009

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Although I’m sure you’ve already heard by now the news about Google’s newest toolbar-gadget the Side-Wiki (even Bruce Clay briefly mentioned something about it), I thought I’d make a quick reference to a feature webmasters/site owners should get to first just in case people actually start using it.  As the site owner, you can post a note about your site that stays on top of all other notes.  An algorithm similar to Google’s current search algorithm will be used to rank the listing of the rest of the notes people post. Take advantage of your site ownership, and use this space to communicate the heart of your business. Make it a little more personal, as a note should be. This isn’t the place for sales pitches. I can almost guarantee that a sales pitch posted in the owner’s note will drive away some visitors. While your checking it out – post your impressions on the Side-Wiki of the HireAHelper local movers landing page.



1. roezer - October 26, 2009

I think it’s Cool I use it to Post to an Older Blogger blog

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