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Two More Reasons Apple is Overrated September 19, 2009

Posted by Daniel in WebApps, WebStuff.
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A follow up to the Top 10 reasons Apple is Overrated

Reason number 11

A claim by security expert Charlie Miller that “Snow Leopard’s more secure than [previous release] Leopard, but it’s not as secure as Vista or Windows 7.”

Interesting when one of the loudest horns Apple keeps tooting is their resilience against virus’ and spy-ware.

Address space layout randomization (ASLR) is the key difference Miller points to.  Vista upgraded their version of this random memory placement tool, but Apple has ignored Vista’s updates and made none of their own.

Charlie says that Macs get hacked less, but not because they’re harder to get into, but simply because there are significantly less out there than there are PCs.  He says “That’s because if [the hacker] can hit 90 per cent of the machines out there, that’s all he’s gonna do. It’s not worth him nearly doubling his work just to get that last 10 per cent.”

So Apple’s claim to security fame… not so impressive.

Reason number 12

Apple has been lying to the FCC – a federal offense.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Ok so I know it’s not a technical reason, but still. Apple has rejected (or according to Apple, is still pondering over) the Google Voice app. Apple has been denying this rejection but Google recently submitted a letter to the FCC stating that they have screenshots documenting the rejection.

But Apple won’t back down and in a recent letter to the FCC still says they have “not rejected the Google Voice application and we continue to discuss it with Google.”

Apple lists in that letter that Google Voice falls in the same category as 3 other third party GV apps.  Those apps strangely enough have all been removed from the app store.  In fact, the company behind one app sent a screenshot confirming their rejection from the app store to Tech Crunch. So why would Apple categorize Google Voice with other rejected apps if GV wasn’t rejected, but merely “under consideration.”

Lying to the FCC – there’s an app for that.

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1. JLR - September 19, 2009

Surely you don’t think you should be criticizing Apple for lack of integrity. Take a look at your own work: How to Rank First in Google Local Listings With Almost No Effort. SEO/SEM types will do almost anything for a link or a hit.

Daniel - September 22, 2009

The funny thing is, if you would’ve read the whole post, you would’ve stumbled upon some of my sarcastic comments such as

“4. Viola – You Now Own Hyatt Regency ”


“To Miami Moving and Movers: Sorry to turn you in… well not really. I work too hard trying to do our SEO in a real, sustainable way to let you get off that easy.”

The how-to was a joke pointing out how lazy and shady some SEO’s can be.

So, yes, I do think I should be criticizing Apple for lack of integrity.

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