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Link Strategy Site Gets A Facelift 3 Years in the Making September 17, 2009

Posted by Daniel in Advertising, SEO.
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PayPerPost is one of a growing crowd of link strategy sites hoping to broker deals between advertisers and bloggers. After 3 years of user input, Ted Murphy announced in April that they were releasing PPPv4 – “A complete re-write of PayPerPost from the ground up.”

Picture of PayPerPost

After checking out PPPv4 for a couple weeks, I’ve found it very easy to use/understand.  The interaction between advertisers and bloggers is the best I’ve seen from a review site. The approval process involves the bloggers and advertisers in a way that makes sure both parties are happy with the pricing, posting, and approving.

On top of that, they have a 25% deal going on right now – rewarding advertisers with a 25% bonus if they deposit $500 or more into their account. A big chunk of change, but a sweet incentive to do so. The blogs are priced relatively well compared to the industry.

All blog posts are required to contain full disclosure. Advertisers can pick whether they’d like disclosure to appear within the post, site-wide, or a combination of both. While disclosure isn’t ideal from an advertiser’s perspective, it is closer to being aligned with Google’s best practices than most paid reviews. Perhaps following such guidelines will warrent some favor from King Google.

All-in-all, from my experience, Version 4 of PayPerPost is a decent upgrade to the sponsored reviews industry.  Well done PPP.

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