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myTouch 3g from T-Mobile for under $100 – A Gift from Oprah September 10, 2009

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Finally, I don’t have to be sitting in Oprah’s live studio audiance to get one of her giveaways.  Ok so she’s not exactly giving away T-Mobile myTouch 3g s but she did hook up everyone in-the-know with a temporary code to get it for $99 with a 2 year contract.

T-Mobile myTouch3g

The promotion is to help her kick off her show’s twenty-fourth season; meaning she’s been on the air almost as long as I’ve been alive (I just turned 25). Wow, that woman has staying power. I guess giving stuff away helps.

Thanks for the deal Oprah.  You just earned a handful of cool points. Keep it up!

Almost forgot – the promotional code is KICKOFF24

Enjoy your new phone!

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