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Daily Booth – A Picture Worth a Thousand Tweets August 18, 2009

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So I was talking to my wife the other day about how nice it would be if we could send in pictures from our phones to Facebook (via the Twitter app).  We already both keep up our Facebook status’ this way and it would be nice to keep up on our photo uploads. Well, where Facebook dropped the ball, Daily Booth picked it up.

Daily Booth Screenshot

Daily Booth Screenshot

From what I’ve gathered after exploring the site and reading various CNET and TC articles about it – Daily Booth is like a Twitter  that uses pictures instead of 140 characters. You can add text subtitles to the photos, but the core of the communication is focused on photo interaction. For example, most of the comments on other people’s photos are photos.

One of the cool things about DB is that you can click Snap A  Picture from within the site, allow it access to your webcam and viola – no tricky camera downloading, formating, or resizing on your computer before uploading. It’s all very easy/user friendly.

Snap a Picture

Snap a Picture

The CNET article I read basically dishes it out against Daily Booth saying it doesn’t measure up to Daily Mugshot – a site dedicated to watching your own pictures over time to see how you’ve changed. I agree with Jerry Cooke’s comment on the article, that the comparison was made incorrectly as each site serves very different functions.

We’ll see if DB gets any traction – other articles I’ve read are impressed that teenagers are getting so plugged into it (something Twitter isn’t so good at).

My only doubts come from the failure of video phones to really launch. We’ve had the technology in place for a long time now but no one seems to want to be seen in their PJ’s or wherever else in whatever else they might answer the phone in. I think the same might eventually be true for Daily Booth and other sites like it.  We still live in a culture where people like to look put together and presentable as much as they can help it – which might put ceiling on who signs up.

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