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New …ish PageRank Rules Revealed June 23, 2009

Posted by Daniel in Blogging Advice, Search Engines, SEO, WebStuff.

Last week, Google’s Matt Cutts blogged about a change to PageRank that took place a year ago. The change was drastic enough that the comment list ran on for over 200 responses.  However, Cutts made the argument in one of his comment responses – “The fact that no one noticed this change means (to me) even though it feels like a really big shift, in practice the impact of this change isn’t that huge.”

The change is in reference to the Nofollow link command.  Previous to 2008 if a page had 20 links on it, with 10 of those links being Nofollowed, the other 10 would carry the PageRank passing power of all 20 links divided up among them (1/10 of the PageRank Power).

Now, since the change last year, on that example page – the 10 followable links would only carry 1/20 of the PageRank passing power.  The 10 Nofollow still don’t pass PR but the other 10/20 power to pass PR disappears.

This has people up in arms about all the work they’ve done to direct and steer their PageRank power within their site. The basic feel for what Cutts was saying was that if people haven’t noticed in a year apparently their work to contour PR hasn’t been worth it. He says, “In practical terms this change really doesn’t affect rankings very much at all.”

Personally, I disagree only in that those people who have made PageRank contouring a pillar of their SEO plan will need to re-think their repertoire.  Otherwise I don’t really know what all the fuss is about.  Continue making pages with great, resourceful content and people will want to visit and link to your site.

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