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My First Week as an SEO Intern July 8, 2008

Posted by mikeglanz in Search Engines, SEO.

By Katie Pitman

I am a Search Engine Optimist. Or an Optimizer, or a new search-engine Transformer by the name of Optimus Rhyme (okay, so that doesn’t make sense, I’ve just always liked the pun). I’m also a noob. But in my past week as an SEO intern, I’ve really learned a lot about the basics of search engine optimization. I’m enough of a nerd to find this really interesting, and enough of a thinker to see how big this industry is going to get, which I why I bullied Mike into giving me the internship in the first place.

SEO is a relatively new industry that is growing very quickly. The more internet oriented businesses become, the more important it is to these businesses to show up higher in search engines and get more organic traffic. Most businesses have no idea how to do this: enter the Optimist. I’ve been looking at businesses that are hiring SEOers in San Diego’s Craigslist, and it’s a bit nutty not only how many positions are open and being created, but also how much these people are willing to pay a person with proven results. That’s another reason I convinced Mike to give me this internship, and why I’m willing to work for free: experience in a field where few others have it is really going to pay off. Even if I don’t end up with a career as an SEO analyst/tech/consultant, someone with not only standard MS Office Suite skills, but also fancy SEO skills will definitely have an edge in the job market. And hey- in today’s economy, who doesn’t need an edge?

The fact that there are no degrees available in this field makes it a little bit of a free for all— experience and proven results are all that matter. Because it’s a new industry, everyone in it has the chance to make new discoveries and shape the field. I, for instance, just got my bachelor’s with a double major in Psychology and Communications, with just a bit more computer knowledge than the average joe, and yet I’m helping HireAHelper.com and it’s landing pages rise in the Google ranks. It’s very exciting to see Google’s analytics showing an improvement since I started working here. The future is looking pretty bright! Between Mike’s hands-on training and recommended reading, I’m starting to feel like a real Optimist.

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