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Search Engine Traffic for Blogs – 10 SEO Tips for Amateur Bloggers January 27, 2008

Posted by mikeglanz in SEO.

Every day that goes on it seems another friend starts a blog. I usually give the same few pointers to all of them, but now I’m just going to point them towards this post. (This will be review for most of our readers.)
1. Get Links –  Write posts on others articles, or find other bloggers that will blog about you. Get on other peoples “blog rolls” or simply ask them to mention an article that they may have liked in a post of theirs. Some will let you post as a guest writer and link back to your own site in the byline.

2. Get a URL – PLEASE! Every blogging engine has made it easy – I think word press is the easiest but seriously, Do it! People go back and forth on whether this is important or not to the search engines – it will take you 10 minutes and $7 a year.

3. Write Posts – Yeah, seriously! If you write once a year, your not going to do as well as someone writing once a day. I usually tell people that 2-5 posts a week is a good place to start.

4. Don’t make up strange titles. I know it goes against everything in you, your an artist and this is your palette – but just avoid it. If you want traffic from the search engines – then title you article relevant to what people are searching for. If are writing an article on making apple pie – then make sure your title includes the words “Making Apple Pie”.

5. Provide Links – When talking about other sources, articles, companies, etc – put the link in there! Its all about providing quality content.

6. Mention Past Articles – When writing about something you have written about before – mention it and link to the article!  Your older articles that are popular will continue to bring your traffic for decades to come!

7. Use Guest Writers – Lets other who are knowledgeable write on your blog! SEMSunday  has 3 writers  – its pretty widely accepted that Google can read bylines and puts more weight on blogs with multiple writers.

8.  Spell & Grammar Check – Google can tell… and its embarrassing…

9.  Write for what people are searching for – There are a few ways you can go about doing this: Write about current search trends – for instance a blog post on the California wild fires DURING the California wild fires will show up as immediately relevant and may do well with people searching the topic. Another way is to track how people are finding your site currently – if you have a search that is continually drivers traffic to your site, then write more content about that topic! Remember to link back to the original post

10.  Use Images – Doesn’t hurt, helps with content (name them appropriately!)

 Remember – The search engines’ job is to find quality content with relevant answers to the questions people are asking… Ask yourself: “What are MY target readers asking the search engines?” – Now provide quality content that’s relevant and your good!

Happy Blogging!



1. jeffmooney - January 29, 2008

excellent advice. Thanks, on behalf of all amateur bloggers like me.


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