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Exciting New Features In Google Webmaster Tools September 17, 2007

Posted by Zac in Search Engines.

As I was scrolling through my feed reader which is my typical weekend ritual, I came upon a real gem. Google is updating their Webmaster tools with a new look and features as noted in their latest Google Webmaster Central Post. Now most of the time updates like these are all show and no substance, but Google has been pretty good about listening to what people want and updating the Google Webmaster Tools in a timely fashion. One feature stuck out though as something I did not see coming, “Webmaster Tools now show feed publishers the number of aggregated subscribers you have from Google services such as Google Reader, iGoogle, and Orkut.” Now this is quite an awesome feature, webmasters can now see feed stats without a 3rd party feed management or tracking solution (at least for the mentioned services). I think that this is just another area that Google shines far brighter than the other search engines. Yahoo has a good webmaster tool set but nowhere near the reporting Google does and MSN basically leaves webmasters in the dark. In an age where accuracy and relevancy are key it really looks like Google is going the extra mile to improve its services and bring both websites and searchers into a much closer and advantageous relationship.



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