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10 Reasons Apple is Overrated… September 17, 2007

Posted by mikeglanz in Replies to Other Posts, WebStuff.

This is a nice post… but a little biased I think.

I reply as an avid windows fan, that also owns an iPhone and MacBook (noted only to show that I’m as impartial as one can get).

Comparing Apple to Sony isn’t fair… I worked at Circuit city before becoming a web/software developer and Sony’s were by far the worst computers. I’m not kidding when I say 1/3 of the rich old men who came in and bought our most expensive VAIO were back a week or two later returning them.

I agree that PC manufacturers do whore themselves out, however I think comparing Apple to Sony is un-fair… its a bit like comparing a heisman trophy winner with a mentally retarded 5 year old paraplegic. They both try hard… one just was just born with more talent – and has more experience in the field.

A safer comparison would be with IBM or Dell… IBM makes (well they did) bad ass laptops… I don’t know one person with an IBM laptop that would exchange it for anything else… their re-sell value on ebay is still ridiculous. They make business machines (go figure) and they do a dam good job of it.

What about Dell? Well they do a decent job as well… but they haven’t been around to make as many mistakes as Apple. They do include software, but they seem to me just a little misguided with it… they put the Norton on there… and I guess thats good for the people out there who haven’t heard of AVG (the free and less spammy) alternative to Norton. And their utilities to download software updates are pretty decent (although they do still have the cryptic naming).

Apple advertises that PCs are better for spreadsheets and work, and they are. But thats not all… Heres a list of things that Apple blows at (or a list of the top 10 things that piss me off about my MacBook or Apple in general):

Note: As I said, I am unbiased – I won’t provide a list of things PC’s shortcomings because I’m sure a simple Google query will bring you more than enough blog posts from MacAddicts.

1. Add a right click. Ok we get it, you want to be different, “simpler”, “easy”, whatever. People get the concept of Right clicking now, even Mac freaks. The double tap short cut is a lame substitute.

2. Photos – iPhoto < Picasa. Hands down. If you think its the other way around your lying to yourself, seek counseling.

3. It freezes!!! Its BS that macs are “stabler” than PCs. I have a brand new MacBook, and it slows down and freezes up just like a PC. No extra software installed, just Firefox… if you’re looking to get a Mac don’t buy into the crap that Macs never freeze.

4. Macs come with crappy software installed too. Just because Dell deems it necessary to install Norton, but Apple only goes as far as installing GarageBand doesn’t mean Apple is better. Why do I need GarageBand? or iPhoto?

5. Picassa is just one… hundreds of other software titles only run on PC. Its a cheap shot… but its true.

6. Mac people worship Steve Jobs, and most consider Bill Gates the devil.

“Gates gave away over $29 billion to charities from 2000 onwards. These donations are usually cited as sparking a substantial change in attitudes towards philanthropy among the very rich, with philanthropy becoming the norm.” [Wikipedia]

Talking crap about Microsoft is one thing, but if you don’t respect the Gates then your just a jackass.

7. iPhone – They locked it up! What the heck? With all Apples focus on letting people customize everything, they are still greedy and in it for the money. I can see locking people into Cingular (all though that in itself is a capital crime), but not letting people develop apps for it? Thats just ridiculous.

8. MacBook – $100 more for black paint job? (Don’t know if this is still the case)

9. Not as many “options” – Ok, it keeps it simple… but what if I want a simple way to select my printer?

10. PCs are Cheaper. I’ve read the posts that say they aren’t anymore… but its BS. Go to TechBargains.com and click on a Dell. The “MSRP” may be more than an Apple… but Dell still dominates Apple in cost. Does Dell even offer a $2800 laptop?

The bottom line? Macs are DIFFERENT than PCs. Better than Sony – undoubtedly (it would be hard not to be). Better than Dell or IBM? Depends.


11. $700 for a 2gb chip of RAM? Thats just ridiculous.



1. Stephen Rider - September 19, 2007

RE #4 — For the most part (a few exceptions) Apple is giving you full applications instead of demoware. That norton runs for 30 days, then ask you to pay for it. Garageband is yours to keep.

Exceptions: Demos of MS Office and iWork. Sometimes demos of other programs, such as Filemaker. But Apples always come with a lot of good applications (usually including third-party stuff) with full licenses.

2. Gene - September 20, 2007

Yeah, GarageBand is just taking up some HD space. Norton eats disk, CPU processes, RAM and children.

Picasa < Flickr

Buy an external mouse with as many buttons as you want. Works fine.

Yeah you can find a cheap ass Dell for less but add the graphics card, bluetooth and resale value and suddenly the Apple looks pretty damn good. Besides, who the hell buys Dell anymore? Don’t you know they are put together with whatever cheap crap is filling the warehouse at the moment?

We consider Gates the devil in the business world. Even he considers himself evil, why do you think he’s giving so much money away? It’s the only way he makes it into heaven.

NH - January 27, 2010

wow… ure are such an eff tard… bluetooth adapters come as cheap as 30 bucks… graphics cards… really?? how MUCH do you think one costs?? you are one bumb bimbo… i am truly sorry

and btw, how much of your money have you donated to charity miss not-devil 🙂 ???
also on a side note, going to war means killing people, going into business means killing companies, so SUCK IT, in business, we’re all devils. Gates has done more for the world than all you apple tards out t here put together. think about, a world without the ipod… OH GOD!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!! :O

y - July 6, 2010

ok dumbass, listen not every 1 who does charity is evil. the statment u just posted is obviously a statement from a avid apple fan jerk.

3. Mark - September 21, 2007

When did you write this?

RE # 1: Apple has used multi-button mouse for years…right-click…left-click…multi-directional scroll wheell…more buttons than you can shake a stick at!

RE # 7: iPhone is not a mac…my top 10 reasons windows is overrated…xbox 360 < wii ??????

RE # 10: I just configured a xps m1710 on the dell web site for over $5000.

NH - January 27, 2010

7 – ummm… ure comparison between a phone and a console confuses me…. have you taken you’re meds???

10 – still doesn’t counter the fact that apple BLOWS at price-tagging, 700$ for a 2G of ram??? i got one for my PC, guess how much??

dasfdsafdsafd - September 15, 2010

RE RE #7 read the title idiot “10 reasons APPLE is overrated”. since apple made iPhone, the arguent is valid.

4. pantone204 - September 21, 2007

I hope you’re kidding with this. Get your facts straight before you tart to rant bubba. No Right-Click? Have you even seen a Mac since 1999?

NH - January 27, 2010

oh… yea, but the reform is SOOOO convenient

5. AJ - September 21, 2007

I get #1 in reference to Mac laptops. For those moments when you don’t have an external mouse, having to do the vulcan nerve pinch to control-click can be annoying. That said, if you hold the trackpad button down just a smidge longer, the contextual menu automatically pops up.

The bundled apps are pretty much the reason most ordinary consumers want Macs in the first place! And their quality is certainly comparable to at least $500 worth of commercial Windows equivalents…

…but here’s the kicker, if you want to junk them, you just drag them to the Trash and (to quote Steve during any iProduct intro) boom. You’re done. No fiddling with any Registry. For the rare hardware driver incompatibility caused by a kernel extension (.kext) it’s pretty straightforward to boot into safe mode and then manually go in and delete it or use an uninstaller.

5 and 6 – what Gates does with his money has nothing to do with the quality of Windows. And naturally, any platform that has 10 times the userbase will have more software. But averaging it out, what’s the pool of high-quality software on the PC?

Talking about choice, with all the “choice” in the PC market why is it only gamers who really go out and customize their machines to the nth degree? Most boxes sitting in office cubicles are standardized for ease of IT support, and I suspect that most home PCs are never expanded anywhere near their potential. (I know, I used to work in a computer store too…)

9 – not as many options? Please explain. You can select default printers using the Printers preference pane, or select an alternate printer from any Print dialog in any program. What more do you need? How many printers do you have, anyway?

10 – It’s a red herring. It’s like saying Mercedez-Benz doesn’t make Kias. Mercedes do make more affordable models (C-Class, for instance) but they’re aiming at a different market than Kia altogether. As Steve Jobs said recently, there are certain places Apple doesn’t want to go, and the low-end junk market is one of them.

Does Dell make a $2,800 laptop? Damn right they do. The Dell Precision M90, which is the closest thing to the MacBook Pro I’m writing this on (but bulkier and heavier…), equivalently equipped, comes to $3,234 at Dell.ca. 17″, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz, 2GB RAM, 120GB hard disk, bluetooth and wireless-g.

At the Apple online store, a 17″ MacBook Pro with a slightly faster processor (2.4GHz) and slightly larger hard disk (160GB), all else equal, is $2,899.

I’m not saying Apple is perfect or that Macs never fail, but come on. At least choose real arguments, and check your facts first!

6. kevin - September 21, 2007

1. Tapping with two fingers at the same time is as easy and is in fact more than most users need. Please don’t clog the space under my hands with more buttons, each of which is less useful than the last. Part of Apple’s design philosophy is that most software should not need more buttons than one. If you want to do something complicated then you should buy a fancy mouse to do it, or a tablet, or what have you. OS X will gladly work with any mousing device you care to throw at it.

2. Google is full of big fans of OS X. Sure they haven’t dedicated as much effort to OS X for Picasa and Google Desktop Search, but maybe that’s because Apple’s offerings (iPhoto and Spotlight) already get the job done as well as most people are going to want.

3. You’re running Firefox, a bleeding-edge project that updates every other week, and your computer crashes. Should you really be surprised? Between Firefox and Safari, a user makes a personal preference decision. Firefox is a little slower, a little crashier, and a lot more open, full-featured and developer-friendly. It’s the perfect testing ground for new technology on the web. If you like it, more power to you, but don’t complain when it crashes. Safari 3’s beta crashes me too, but that just comes with the territory of an early-release product.

4. Gosh, why do you need a web browser or an email program to come preinstalled? Right, all the software that comes with your machine should still be on the DVD, not your hard disk. You should spend another 30 minutes getting your computer ready after you take it out of the box before you can really use it. In fact let’s deliver all the hardware in separate boxes and you can put it together yourself over a period of two hours! Oh wait, that’s called a Dell. Look, Apple gives you a lot of stuff in the box that you may not want to use, but none of it is low-quality crap like the average piece of Windows bloatware. To suggest that the software should not come preinstalled is to suggest a lame workaround just to scratch your personal itch.

5. There may be less software out there for OS X, but the average free download for OS X is miles beyond the Windows equivalent in terms of quality and usefulness. For instance, if you are a software developer then you know how important it is for your computer to do what you want it to do in very short order. Quicksilver is the one and only app that lets you do that, short of running Linux and doing it all yourself. There are wannabes but no serious competitors.

6. There are zealots on both sides. Some people think of Steve Ballmer and smile. I know, it’s puzzling to me too. But a lot of us take what everybody has to say with the grain of salt that they are known for being great businessmen and salespeople.

7. They did that to make money, and they think they can get away with it because they’re not gouging as deeply as the rest of the cell phone industry. Happened again with ringtones. Blogosphere, we’ve been over and over this.

8. Seriously, yes. The paint job is a feature. People buy iPods, iPhones and Macs because they look nice. The question is not what it’s worth to build but what it’s worth to you. I bought a cheap white one.

9. Apple likes to control the user experience, and the reason why is because users don’t know what they want. I don’t do much printing so I can’t speak to your particular complaint, but in general the trend of limiting your options is there because every option you have should be a great one, and setting it up just right shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. For instance, the Finder works in a very particular way, and there are not many options for it, but they’re all there in the preferences panel. If you really want more options, you can get a third-party replacement program and OS X will get along with it. Try that with explorer.exe and see what you get.

10. Dell’s doing a great job of undercutting the market and they always have. Apple knows their market share isn’t so hot, so they make something that’s kind of a special product and they sell for more. I’ll pay another $300 for a file system I don’t have to defragment and a set of software that doesn’t treat me like a convict.

11. That’s just business.

NH - January 27, 2010

may i add a number 12 to your list as a fine line of conclusion ?? 🙂


y - July 6, 2010

im with u on tat, apple BLOWS.

7. kevin - September 21, 2007

One more thought on #3:

Yes, my Mac freezes, but its behavior has been consistent since I bought it over a year ago. I don’t know of any Macs that consistently get worse and worse like most installations of Windows. And really, I could count the system crashes I’ve had on my two hands and feet. One a month is pushing it.

Alexander Zerkhov - April 10, 2011

the only reason most pc’s get worse and worse is because most people who use pc’s stupidly download viruses onto there machine, or it just fragments either way if you are decent with computers you would’t encounter either problem

8. daniel - September 21, 2007

Heh, I’ve had my dual G4 powermac on my desk for about 5 years now (wow, has it really been that long?) and I can – to this day – count the number of kernel panics on my two hands. If I add in the number of times I didn’t get a proper kernel panic, but had to hard reboot because I didn’t get anything at all, then I’d have to start counting with my toes as well. Still, that’s pretty damn good.
Sure, I’ve had applications crash on me (about once a week, something insignificant goes haywire – hardly ever something important), but my computer’s uptime is generally a month plus (sleep mode included).
I do video editing, 3d modeling/animation/rendering, I use the heavy Adobe apps, I code, I do web dev, and I game a little (not much, since it’s an old computer by now). And of course I use it for all the mundane Office-type work. In other words, I’m not going easy on this aging machine, but it’s keeping pace nontheless.
Oh, and my mouse is a Razer Diamondback – right-clicking isn’t an issue.

9. Pecos Bill - September 21, 2007

I use OS X and windoze and am a power user in both. I strongly prefer OS X.
1. I strongly prefer the dual tap. I also love the scroll.
2. I’ve tried Picasa. I don’t care for how it expects me to manage the folders. Counseling will not help as iPhoto is clearly better for managing photos. I cannot say which I prefer for editing. I use Photoshop Elements primarily on a Mac and don’t edit in Picasa. Besides it’s illogical to blame Apple for Google not writing Picasa.
3. You can make it hang looking for a missing server or by removing a hard disk while sleeping. Otherwise, ever try Force Quit? Mine almost never freeze but then I am patient when it’s hitting virtual memory. (512M on a MacBook is NOT enough (Grandma maybe) so blast that if you want)
4. Um, no. Talented Musicians have raved about using Garageband for prototyping. The good majority of Mac users like iPhoto.
5. And there’s hundreds of apps that only run on Mac or Linux. BigFDeal. Delicious Library. Until recently, Handbrake. I could go on.
6. I’m a “Mac person” and do not so your assertion is false. Jobs has turned around Apple but he’s no god. Gates made his money from breaking the law. Microsoft was found guilty.
7. I see both sides of this one though I agree. I hope they open it up some day soon. It’s still widely described as markedly better than any other product available — at version 1.0 no less. (Read on)
8. There’s more than that. Apple is starting down the path of greedy. They used to give you a little more (hard drive space last I checked) for that $$, but yes, there’s a premium. White works just as well so save your cash. I don’t know too many fans of Apple products that don’t have at least one or many gripes about the company. That being said, the issue on the article you quoted was _NOT_ about the company or its policies but the actual product (Windows & specifically VAIOs running it) and the torture. This entire 1-10 + 1 gripe is off topic.
9. Huh? I don’t even select my printer. I just plug it in and it becomes the default. If I plug in a second, It shows up in the printer choices in the print dialog. Simple. (You do have to give it a brief moment to discover but you didn’t gripe about that).
10. Feature for feature, Macs are at or lower in cost for name brands. Make sure you factor in all the software and time to keep them running. Yes, you can buy older PC tech for less. I just picked up a Toshiba laptop with a “Celery” processor for $350 — on sale from $550. I’d never use that for more than intended: playing and recording square dances. It would be torture to use it to say, edit a movie like I could on my MacBook. Out of the box.
11. No reason to buy RAM from Apple though you’re looking at server class memory. It’s not just “RAM” but FB-RAM with tight spec cooling. FB-RAM is required to fully utilize 4- & 8- way Xeon processors which is why they are required. Don’t like that? Get an iMac and get your memory elsewhere. Nobody said to buy stuff blindly.

The whole point of the referenced article is just how PAINFUL it is to get a windreck box up and running. Yes, my Toshiba whored itself out less than the VAIO. No, Home Basic won’t let me back it up so I don’t have to do that 8+ hour configuration again. (I **can** back up my Mac with the system running.)

Seth R - November 12, 2012

Bah, dual tap dese nuts! I trashed my magic mouse and got a nice logitech usb mouse. Works so nice, and I love the sound it makes when it clicks. Also, IT CAN RIGHT CLICK

10. Ben - September 21, 2007

uh i think there’s os x version of picasa. in fact i have it- but if u mean there’s a full blown version for windows as opposed to a tool to make uploading pics and transferring pics from iphoto to picassa easier, never mind then.

11. Jon - September 22, 2007

Any pain experiencing Windows user that has switched to Mac in recent years would describe your opinions here as complete and utter rubbish.

I’m sure you have got an agenda…

y - July 6, 2010

uve oviously written this a long time ago cuz with windows 7, microsoft is gaining back its market.

12. Drew - September 22, 2007

Last night I configured a Dell Precision 690 to the same spec as a Mac Pro. Some minor differences: the Mac has an nVidia GeForce 7300 and the Dell has a nVidia Quadro FX 3450. Mac optical is 8x, Dellis 16x. Some other stuff.

Mac is $2400
Dell is $2950

13. Ted - September 22, 2007

Jon. I recently converted to Mac part-time (still using Windows Vista). I don’t think his opinions are completely utter rubbish. If he has agenda, then I’d say you might have one too.

14. God of Biscuits - September 22, 2007

#1 *ALWAYS* pisses me off. Everyone assumes that everything else is equal and consequently that 2 buttons are better than 1.

The Mac OS and user experience in its entirety is geared towards a single-mouse button. Windows is not. yes, both have contextual menus, but on a Mac, they’re not critical.

#2. Gee, if you say i need counseling, gosh, i’d better get some. If you don’t even know that right-clicking is now possible and has been supported in Mac OS X since the beginning, how the hell do you know what iPhoto is like? I’d have to say that hands-down, the iPhone-iPhoto-.Mac setup is the best integration of desktop/mobile and internet that I’ve ever used. Yes, you can email photos to a flickr album, but it’s not quite the same as taking a pic on your iPhone, clicking the Share button, tapping the .Mac web gallery and sending it.

#3. Individual apps can become unresponsive, but I can’t remember the last time the WindowServer went down.

#4. iLife apps all work together. Don’t like GarageBand? Dont’ use it. Don’t want it taking up disk space? Here’s how you uninstall it (and most Mac apps): drag the app to the trash.

#5. quality vs quantity argument. Picassa is OK. It’s better than most Windows apps. iPhoto is about a typical Mac App.

#6 Get a narrower brush.

#7. APIs are notoriously difficult to get right. And you don’t release them until you get them right. And at&t is part of the mix and who the hell knows how much pressure they’re exerting? For example, would at&t allow Skype?

#8. One model of Mac. Price is a premium, yes.

#9. see #5. Setting up printers (sharing and printing) is dead simple. Choose it in the print dialog. Any Bonjour devices (zero-config networking) will just be there.

#10. you can spend WAAAAY more than $2800 on a dell laptop.

15. Drew - September 24, 2007

Geez, learn to do a little research. Configuring a Dell Precision M6200 to hit the specs of that $2800 Mac Pro will cost you $2937 for a poorer monitor. You’d have to upgrade the Mac HD to 7200 rpm for full comparability, but that merely evens the price out (Mac: $2,949, Dell $2,937), though, again, the Dell has a markedly inferior monitor. And the Apple reportedly has better battery life. I believe it is smaller too, but I don’t have any number on that.

I hope you are better at your day job.

16. Travis Shelton - September 24, 2007

To all who replied and commented to this article and believe that Mac’s make a laptop with a “right click” button…get a brain transplant!! If you walk through your local Apple store (you can find them at your local mall or shopping center) you will see all models of Apple laptops, yet you won’t find that they have a “right click” button on them!!! The newest of the new MacBooks have this feature where you put two fingers on the touchpad and use the lone mouse button to simulate a right click, but in this case, Mike is right. Apple is trying too hard to be “different/cool” !

17. Betsie - September 25, 2007

Pity the fools (that would be YOU, Travis & Mike et.al.): Apple isn’t *trying* to be cool — it just *is* cool.

Nor is it *too hard* for Apple to be better than Windows. As any Mac and/or Linux user knows: Unix-based architecture = SoLiD; Windows’ so-called *Active-X* (sp?) = Overloaded Egregious Monopoly Virus Infested Shovelware Tripe And Extra Problems = OEM VISTA XP (+ include ME out, please!)…

That’s why all of us so-called fanboys *Think Different*…

…but if you just can’t help being a PC Weenie, Keep It Simple, Suckers: That’s K.I.S.S., as in KISS my black Mac OS~{{;>}~!!!

BTW, some of us *fanboys* have [OS] XX chromosomes; maybe that’s *Y* we don’t — won’t — do Windows…*L0L*

LBNL: Our Mac history includes Apple II; Mac Plus; Powerbooks 100, 180/180c, 520c, 1400c, G4/13″ Aluminum and G4/17″ Titanium; LC II, Quadra, PowerMac and desktop/tower G4; MacBook (13″ black) and MacBook Pro (15″).

With the exception of the Mac Plus and Powerbook 520c — which we gave/sold to friends — and the Apple II — which was non-working when we inherited it — ALL of our Macs still work (and play together nicely) with nary a system crash among them and very few hang-ups. (The desktop G4 got glitchy towards the end of its OS 9 years, but now it runs OS X + Classic without a hiccup.

Oh, and did I mention our 2 eMates (1 was a birthday gift when they were brand new, the other was purchased on eBay for ±$50)?!? Newton still works great — literally as well as virtually — for taking inventory/keeping up with the collections at TexAnna’s ALL*STORE & SHoeSeuM, and the translucent-green-clamshell-with-integral-handle-&-tripod-screw eMate is a totally practical workhog that STiLL looks back-to-the-futuristic (we call it “eBatMate”)…

18. Cassidy - September 25, 2007

I don’t have the facts to back this up, it’s just my personal take on the Gates vs Jobs charity thing.

The Wiki-entry doesn’t say (and neither does any other article I’ve read) that Jobs is a cheap bastard that won’t contribute to charity, IMHO the only thing this says is that Gates thinks it is important to get points for being a “good” guy and telling the world about it.

Giving to charity is good, bragging about it to market the image of yourself/your company isn’t.

19. Travis - October 4, 2007

Okay so I see there are a ton of people here who have been sold.

Disclaimer: For internet surfing and other general crap I can say the Mac experience is equaled only by a working hardware compatible Linux experience. For the ease of surfing I wouldn’t trade it.

I have a G5 tower, a Compaq Amd 64×2 tower, a 2.16 macbook, and a 1.5ghz Toshiba with 1.5 ram celeron m (Dothan, technically a pentium m) laptop. Comparing laptops to laptops, I produce music professionally (you know, actually receive checks sometimes) My Macbook crashes frequently with identical programs. I can open the exact same file on both, typically the program on Macbook gives me a message that “computer is too slow” hahaha I kid you not that same file will only use around 30-40% resources on Win Xp on my Toshiba. So you call it like you see it. And yes the programs all support Universal Binary drivers. Video editing in Protools. Compaq barely reaches 10% (2gb ram) G5 tower 2gb of Ram not much worse around 30%. Cost of Compaq brand new plus ram $500+. And I’m sure you all can tell me how much the G5 sold for……. You will say I must be lying. Once again, this is truth.

20. Windows Vista wireless alternate configuration - February 1, 2008

Windows Vista wireless alternate configuration

no kidding!

21. Anna - September 19, 2008

I’m a bit late on replying to this post, but I just couldn’t help myself. I am a female college student and am completely impartial to Apple as well. To be honest, I only purchased a MacBook because it was “cute”.

I grew up using PCs as I am sure many many people have as well. So, this leads me to believe that whenever a PC crashes or has technical issues, they blame it on the fact that it is a PC and should get a Mac instead because that is just about the only other alternative.

I don’t know what kind of PCs many people have had where they claimed that they have had it crashed, but I never really had a PC crash on me. Yeah, you get the typically freeze-ups when you have many applications running, but the same crap happens with my MacBook. In fact, it is starting to run slower and freezes up a lot more than any PCs I have ever had!

I still love Windows and PCs. And I don’t have major qualms with Vista. It is much simpler and totally customizable as opposed to my MacBook. Why would I have to buy MICROSOFT Office for Mac? Because they don’t offer anything comparable!

I don’t give a damn about GarageBand or a built-in camera which is just about standard on most PCs. Besides, that extra $500 I’m dishing out on an “Apple” is what I’m probably paying for that goddamn camera.

No one can convince me that Apple is superior.

Yeah, I like some of the features on my MacBook, but aesthetically on the inside, it is nothing spectacular. I also feel like it is a bitch going from file to file on a Mac.

And Safari sucks. Totally incompatible with most websites and I still get some pop-ups!

Annnd… Why do I have to buy a separate DVI to Video cable adapter?????? WHY??

P.S. I am submitting this on my cute MacBook.

22. NS - December 26, 2008

I agree with a lot of what this article is stating. Frankly, I would rather build my own computer than buy one from anyone like Dell, HP and Mac. I know many who would agree to this also. I can build a better machine for the quarter of the price of a Mac and some PCs. Macs are just way too expensive for what you are getting and are generally more expensive than PC’s 9 times out of 10. I’ll give Mac kudos on their material hardware though. The only company that is comparable is maybe Sony but their functional reliability is not there.

23. Ingot - April 3, 2009

“Last night I configured a Dell Precision 690 to the same spec as a Mac Pro. Some minor differences: the Mac has an nVidia GeForce 7300 and the Dell has a nVidia Quadro FX 3450. Mac optical is 8x, Dellis 16x. Some other stuff.

Mac is $2400
Dell is $2950”

Minor differences? A Quadro fx3450 vs. a GeForce 7300? That is not a minor difference. Look up the cost differences between those two cards, then don’t forget to add the mark up for buying it through a computer company. The 7300 is a crippled gaming card , the Quadro is a card for more working on things like CAD or other high quality rendering.

Now that I got that out of my system, I have nothing against macs, apple or microsoft. Just don’t like to see people to use “minor” differences when comparing things, when the minor difference is definitely not minor.

getting - January 22, 2010

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24. brandon - May 30, 2009

This is perhaps the single worst argument I have ever come across (that is trying to be serious).

The (most) positive feedback I have is that your entirely irrelevant (and sometimes embarrassing introduction is a waste of time. From me to you that is about the same as winning the fuckin Pulitzer.

I don’t know if you are ignorant, stoned, or inbred, but based on working at Circuit City years ago, talking to your friends, E-bay prices of used nothebooks from a manufacturer who no longer makes notebooks, and the most pathetic metaphor, (or lack thereof) EVER – I’m assuming you are all of the above.

This isn’t about me trying to say this is better than that as far as computers go. It’s only me saying everything is better than this article that I’ve ever read in terms of having any logic, purpose, value, or substance. (Also, many things are better than ShitPress – which even highlights your stature as a “web developer”, or ignorance again.

If you want me to go down the list one by one and further highlight your misinformation I’ll be glad to. Here are a few examples.

1. Add a right click.
–>There is one douche bag – figure out how to use your system before bitching and whining.

2. Photos – iPhoto They both blow cock. Use GIMP, Photoshop, or a million other programs that are better.

3. It freezes!!! Its BS that macs are “stabler” than PCs.
–>EVERY OPERATING SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT FREEZES. Apple’s tend to freeze much less due to memory management (based on FreeBSD/Linux engineering that isn’t even a debate (there was one for 6 months 15 years ago though – you missed it).

—>>>”stabler” isn’t a fucking real word twatberry.

4. Macs come with crappy software installed too. Just because Dell deems it necessary to install Norton, but Apple only goes as far as installing GarageBand doesn’t mean Apple is better. Why do I need GarageBand? or iPhoto?

–>A. Horrible technique to win any argument.
–>B. It’s SUPER EASY to UNINSTALL on Linux/Mac’s unlike Windows. Norton is a 3rd party app that manufacturers ship because Windows has more open holes than your mother, whereas GarageBand is written by Apple, and I’m not sure Microsoft has anything better – do they?
–>C. You whine like a little bitch and I’d kick your ass so fast and hard by now you wouldn’t ever be able to speak again. You are fucking annoying.

5. Picassa is just one… hundreds of other software titles only run on PC. Its a cheap shot… but its true.


Fuckwad – I think this is evident enough as 50% of your retarded whining and bitching has just been shoved up your ass.

I hope you catch some STD’s from being gang ass raped by homeless hermaphrodites and slowly die – in silence and agony.

philip - February 15, 2010

Well someone seems to be on their cycle

y - July 6, 2010

well obviously because ur swearing and telling ridiculous statements only proves tat ur a mac fan caught in a trap laid by a overated company called mac

25. Ben Wilkinson - July 22, 2009

You call that unbiased?

Macs are more expensive because they are better. You get what you pay for, fag.

Know the #1 oxymoron in the world? (check)
Microsoft Works.

y - July 6, 2010

there are things called expensive pc’s
try getting one

26. shah - August 6, 2009

Bottom line is what you use your computer for. Most of the people use it for picture sharing, email, internet surfing and spreadsheet or word applications. If one cosider value for the money and your needs, I think Mac can never beat PC. Its great product but if you are just doing basic stuff as I mentioned then its too expensive. I can do all this job with basic laptop from Dell ~$600, why pay $900 for basic mac book.

One major point to consider is all developing countries price is majore factor and Mac can’t beat PC in that regard. Why you want to make your product where ordinary people can’t afford it?

27. The Rev - August 20, 2009

The entire article is a troll. Mac users don’t need to justify their purchases. It’s obvious this person hasn’t used a mac in a least 5 years. Both platforms work for the most part as intended. I personally find Windows to be an ugly, badly-copied version of Mac OS8. OS8 was fine – in 1996. If your main concern is dollars and dollars alone, good for you. Knock yourself out and buy the cheapest box you can. It’s worth it to me to spend a few extra dollars to buy something I’m comfortable with and actually enjoy using. BTW, plenty of “ordinary people” seem to be walking around with Macs.

And another thing: this, “There isn’t any software for the Mac” is such a red herring. So what if here isn’t a Picasa client written for the Mac. There are 4 or 5 apps that do the exact same thing just as well that ARE available on the Mac. So what if MS hasn’t ported Access. We have Filemaker. The list goes on and on.

y - July 6, 2010

r u kidding! extra dollars.

u can get a PC for 400 bucks and it will work for atleast 5 years i am sure my dell i bought when my family came to canada is still working today

wheras i am pretty sure no one wants to spend 700 more bucks on a piece of shit that doesnt nearly have as many programs built for its os for their child whos going to college or as a gift etc.

the truth is microsoft gives u a price range wheras mac makes u buy expensive

u can get 400 or 3000 dollar PC’s

but with mac (not including mac shit mini) u have to buy 1300 dollar +

microsoft doesnt only do tat with their computers but allows when they were selling windows 7, they gave u 3 price ranges, home premium, businness and professional

same deal with office, they give u home and businness

so as u can see PC’s arent cheap they’re flexible and i dont noe when apple will start using this ”strategy”

28. nolanofeeast - September 14, 2009

the way I see it is…
If you hate the computer it self, and not the OS just go out and build your computer how ever you see fit the run OS snow leopard on it. I did this and its amazing!

29. More Reasons Apple is Overrated « SEMSunday – SEM, SEO, WebApps, etc - September 19, 2009

[…] People are Reading 10 Reasons Apple is Overrated… The Beginner's Guide to Keyword PPC: Part 1- Account StructurePayPal Express Checkout Testing New […]

30. Coder50 - October 22, 2009

In fact, few people appreciate the tremendous sacrifices made and the hardships endured by military personnel. ,

31. Stinky78 - October 23, 2009

This is a straight loyalty and dedication question. ,

32. Nick - November 16, 2009

Yea i agree i think people are obssesed with the whole “lets be different” type of thing just becuase most macs have built in webcams and garage band that is why alot of people buy them i am using a dell inspiron at the moment with windows 7, witch is a mistake its way to much like OS or OSX mac operating system
And LoL they do all hate bill gates i meen he is the smartest person in the last few centries.

NH - January 27, 2010

windows 7 is legit bro, TAKE THAT BACK 😛 LoL

and yea, Gates is pretty awesome, after all he’s CONTAINED Jobs 😛 fagtard can’t get more than 10% of world usage… and i hear microsoft has…. yes, thats right, more than 70% 🙂 no wonder you think bill’s the devil 🙂

33. Matt - December 13, 2009

News for all the Mac evangalists,

Mac= easily hacked over priced scap metal and silicon,
Iphone= easily hacked over-rated MP3 player,

Windows= fairpriced reasonable OS

Linux= FREE, easy to use, More popular to the true geeks than either of the above, get used to it.

Steve jobs = hippie acid dropping A–
Bill Gates = Last I heard still a Harvard drop out
LinuxTorvald = smart guy, would like to pick his brain sometime

NH - January 27, 2010

i agree alot, but ure forgetting something, Bill Gates = so much richer than the other two 🙂

y - July 6, 2010

tru, tru

34. xen0blade - January 17, 2010

@Matt…His name is Linus…
Apple will impress me when they can code their own Kernel that actually works, instead of using Darwin…which is BSD (NOT UNIX!!). Remember version 9? Remember how you could stall the system by holding down the damn mouse button? Oh, and to the retard that calls “Firefox” cutting edge? This is written on Firefox, running one of the most bleeding edge linux distros out there, Arch Linux. All those fancy gimmicks in Windows 7 and OSX are old hat to those of us running Compiz Fusion. Hell, look at a Sun project called Project Looking Glass. A fully 3d operating system. It runs…on Linux….So, Apple…howbout actually having a decent kernel hacker on your team. Oh, and the most unhackable OS isn’t OSX…It’s OpenBSD. But I will grant you this…Macs sure are pretty….they just suck.

35. xen0blade - January 17, 2010

@myself…I’m obviously an idiot, since I can’t write The entire article is a troll. Maca sentence…my bad… ummm…Firefox isn’t a distro self…it’s a browser…whoops….

36. Matthew - January 21, 2010

Agreed. To me Apple is a scavenger. Microsoft built a system that embraces 3rd party hardware and software. Apple boasts stability but then how hard is it to build an OS that runs on specific hardware with specific drivers. If we only had Apple, with their methodology, there is no way computers would be as powerful as they are today. Apple just reaps the benefits while Microsoft continues to push 3rd party development forward.

NH - January 27, 2010

Matthew – you are a man after my own heart, thank you for enlightening all those fuck tard apple addicts 🙂

joe - April 14, 2010

Totally agree. Apple gets to limit the hardware that it develops for. The benefits to the dumb are there, but it slows down comp sci as whole.

37. philip - February 15, 2010

Guys it’s not that big of a deal. Macs have their flaws and PCs have theirs. The Mac vs. PC debate is all based on personal preference. No OS is better than the other one

38. Shakala - April 3, 2010

Mac worship is getting on my nerves. Those stupid comercials with the “cool,” young guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt and the old slow pc guy wearing a suit and glasses. Pretty lame.

y - July 6, 2010

i hate those ads, they are so corny and stupid and so many of their ads are lies

39. Shakala - April 3, 2010


40. Vinny - April 12, 2010

as a long time Thinkpad user , i salute the people who worship the most ridiculous overpriced piece of machine after all these years.

41. joe - April 14, 2010

I started out on an Apple ][+, but like anyone who gains more knowledge about hardware and computers, I moved away from the limitations and price of apple. I like my choice of Linux, W7, XP-64, feeBSD, OSX/86, MS-DOS, OS/2.

What can you do on that apple that I can’t? (LOL)

…but you can continue being nifty, preachy and trandy, AND I will continue to develop the technologies that allow you to be so stuck up and get you to put money in my pocket.

42. thisisbinod - May 11, 2010

Credit for the rapid advancement of technology like internet and better communication goes to PC. When internet was in it’s early days, it was PC which helped it reach to the mass audience. PC was cheap, affordable and was accessible by wider population around the world.This helped manufacturer like Intel and competitors invest on developing faster processors and hence faster communication. So, Apple users should be atleast thankful to PC for its contribution toward bringing better communication to the world.

y - July 6, 2010

yo in addition to tat did u noe when apple was going out of business microsft had donated some millions to apple. the only reason why apple stands today is because of microsoft

43. Nikolai - June 17, 2010

So many Apple fanboys it’s such a redicilous thing…

44. y - July 6, 2010

microsoft is gonna shine now, with its xbox slim, xbox kinnect, new windows phone 7, new windows live essentials beta, windows 7 obviously, free anti virus software tat actually works given free by Microsoft i.e Microsoft security essentials, zune and its awesome zune software (like the itunes for apple) , new free microsoft programs most integrated with facebook, twitter and other social networks, bing the awesome search engine that has gained 12 percent in 1 year wheras google gained 65 percent over 12 years so…, silverlight has also gained marketshare as well,

all this for microsoft wheras google just got caught for catching wi fi conversations and private photos via satellite wheras apple’s ipad and especially ipod 4 have been failling beyond reality. i’ve always liked apple ipods but now they’ve really lost it.

the only reason why ipad isnt doing tat bad is because APPLE IS OVERATED, if its got the apple logo on it it will be a hit. same deal with the macbook air. that thing sucks.

45. GRRRRRRAMMARRRRR - July 18, 2010


46. Nick - August 6, 2010

Macbook air- 2gb ram, 128gb memory = over $1500
HP Mini- 2gb ram, 320 gb memory= less than $800

Take the apple price and cut it in half and thats the PC equivillant, plus you can actually upgrade PC’s. Need I say more?

47. Luc T - October 8, 2010

I am typing this on my high-“mileage” HP laptop. I purchased it a year ago for 700$ plus taxes. 2.2GHz Intel Core2Duo, with 4GB of RAM. HDMI-Out (with 7.1Ch surround!), remote, 15.3″ screen webcam. The works. Now it is running Ububtu 10.04LTS (free operating system). It handles beautifully, even with tons of programs running. Also bought an HP 5-button wireless mouse, the best mouse I have ever had (fits perfectly in my hand). 20$ plus taxes. I rest my case

48. steveO - November 23, 2010

12. proprietary expensive dv cables

13. warranty voiding user replaceable batteries

14. no mini sd on any of the pods, especially ones with photo and video capabilities, what year is this?!

49. Pete Jones - December 6, 2010

LMAO.. wow pretty obvious you know nothing about computers. First of all let me point out that I agree an Apple product is a waste of money and Sony computers are crap. However if there is a brand worse than Sony it is Dell. I have owned and operated a computer service center since 1992 and can say that without a doubt that dell is among the absolute worst. Apple computers were great (hardware anyway) before they made the switch to Intel and now it seems as though I see more broken Apple products than ever before. The truth is that Apple computers are “different” they are designed for stupid people who need their computers to control them rather than vise versa. MS will never remove their head from their behind and make Windows not bloated and magnetically attracted to viruses and comparing AVG (2nd worst av out there) to Norton is just stupid so you should own a Mac. For the smart people reading this do yourself a favor and use Linux (the most stable OS of all time) and stop buying into the retarded hype.

jessicasims622256840 - June 19, 2012

Totally agree!

50. apple sucks, bitches! - December 21, 2010

Sony is actually pretty now. The Sony VAIO E-Series especially. You Apple fanboys do know that you are GIVING the author money by clicking 🙂
But for me, getting a Windows person money is a worthy cause.

Davedude - September 6, 2011

I’m browsing on an iPhone, and I see no ads. If anything the author is losing money from my clicks.


51. Dave - February 9, 2011

This is by far one of the worst blog posts I have ever read. I’m not really a fan of Apple products, but don’t quit your day-job. You seem uneducated in many aspects, such as grammar, available software, how stuff works, etc.

dude - March 3, 2011

just like your mom

52. David - June 30, 2011

Wow….. what a bunch of nerds. You are actually fighting over which is better and listing all these geeky techy things about a Mac or PC. Who cares if Mac is overpriced? Talk about something normal. Computer brands should be in the background of your life.

53. Martijn van Calcar - December 4, 2011

Any PC with Ubuntu wins always……

54. jdizl - December 14, 2011

Umm… macs are not overrated… But they are probably inadequate to a *true* power user that never had *issues* with windows or linux… I have a mac also, but it is only for testing development. Yes it is *pretty* but it is just slow to me to get things done, esp compared to linux. It is not meant for the computer hacker whatsoever. The only thing I use my mac for is the Adobe Suite/testing. Otherwise I just don’t see the point. I have a win laptop and linux server.
BTW Android >>>> iOS … Same thing. iOS is certainly prettier, but Android for a power user blows it away. Some of the new android tablets coming out are pretty amazing.
OSX in general is not for power users, it’s just far too limited to tweak, so how can it be? even things like the bash shell are locked down (most mac users never even use terminal), the Java build is out of date, Excel spreadsheets do not work properly under office:mac, and countless other more “advanced” things that power users will be using.
I would certainly recommend a mac to most casual computer users though, but definitely not for a computer enthusiast.

55. Hhh - December 30, 2011

Guess you missed on this one!

56. patrick - April 7, 2012

Some of the 29 billion Gates gave away went to supporting GMO’s/monsanto so boo to that— coming from someone that will never buy an apple product.

57. Jon - April 21, 2012

I agree, the ipad is grossly overrated as well, I have a thrive and ipad in my house and the kids second choice is always the ipad

58. jessicasims622256840 - June 19, 2012

I don’t understand why people think a button to right click is complicated. Bottom line is: Who owns a Mac?
1. People who just use it for Facebook or simple web browsing and know absolutely NOTHING about computers
2. “Designers”
3. Hipsters

There’s a reason why you don’t hear gamers or computer nerds singing Apple’s praises. Good hardware, horrible software = no thanks!

59. Bushido - July 16, 2012

The only reason to get a mac is if your in high end graphic design but that being said the PC can preform the task all the same these days. Also the argument about Windows and virus’s is irrelvant why would you waste your time making a virus for mac’s when there market share is nothing in compared to windows? PC/windows/linux is supior just because of the versatility dont understand why theres so many apple fanboys/girls :S

60. RB3 - October 6, 2012

As a long time user of both platforms at work creating 3d animation and visual effects I just want a machine that works. Both platforms have their issues, neither is perfect. The main difference that I have noticed is the cost of replacing faulty components. Motherboard on a pc dies; replace it myself for minimal cost. When it went out on the mac it was so proprietary that apple had to send out a tech to replace it for $800. The tech did not want to call it a motherboard… It’s a “Logic” board! Instead of doing it myself for $80, the company had to shell out $800 and wait for days. Zapping the p ram with my “claw” grip, Ram issues, on and on. Perhaps we just had bad luck with the mac I was working on, but there is no way I would buy an over priced, proprietary system simply because it is shiny.

I build my own systems at home for personal use and get way more computing power that [[ I control]] for the same cost in a pc environment.

As a graphic designer and 3d artist there are many quirks that annoy me using a mac. It’s way too proprietary for my taste, which simply pissed me off as the end user. I want power and ease of use, not some shiny box I can show to my friends. “Hey, look at me, I’m cool!”

It’s been a nice marketing gimmick for apple, but in the end I use a windows system because it is easier for me personally. If you like the mac, use it, but the cost and proprietary hush-hush nature of apple products only serves to irritate me in the end, which led me to becoming anti-mac.

I really don’t care what my box looks like, I just want to be the one controlling it, not the other way around.

61. mike - November 1, 2012

Don’t forget you can build your own for half the price and get a better machine than you would buying a prebuilt.

I don’t even understand how Macs are comparable to PCs. “Whooo hoo I just spent $2000 on something I could have gotten for $500! I’m not a sheep at all.”

62. Seth R - November 12, 2012

I personally dislike Mac. Me being a teenager, Macs do not live up to my expectations simply because they suck at gaming. I can’t play my favorite games with my friends on Steam, simply because the games aren’t made for mac. Also, many people suggest dual booting. That’s cool and all, but I already tried it. Windows 7 lags up my Mac, so that’s definitely not an option. besides gaming, the programs on macs tick me off to no end. I’ve had my mac for a good 3-4 years, so I know most of the basics for pages and keynote etc, but I really hate the stupidity of pages and keynote. not only is it confusing for me to switch between keynote and Microsoft Power Point, i’m just really lazy, and I hate converting and such. In the field of phones and tablets, I plan on getting both an android phone and an android tablet. I plan on getting the Samsung Galaxy SII, and the Google Nexus 7. I’m glad I found this post, because I also have a dislike for apple.

Long live Bill Gates!

63. tom hunt - January 23, 2013

I love my Vaio.

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